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To establish a program that is one of the best programs in the State of Virginia and the Nation. A program that the student athletes as well as nationally or world class athletes will be proud to be a part of and will look forward to being a part of. To establish a variety of programs that can benefit anyone wishing to improve their physical, mental or dietary fitness.

Our mission is to assist our student athletes in the development of both their physical and mental abilities. Goals are to encourage and help young people to develop physically, emotionally, and socially through their involvement in our program. We will strive to assist them in development of self-confidence, sound leadership traits, loyalty, strong sportsmanship, integrity, and the promotion of individual wellness. Each of these characteristics helps in the development of individual and team attitudes that are useful and necessary for a successful season and life. We will work to encourage a strong competitive desire and feelings of self-worth and self-confidence through the sport of track and field. We also hope that this attitude will carryover inside of the classroom as well.

Track Club